ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - undeterred

undeterred (ѹԴ-) adj.
1. âѴҧ
europeanization, denounce, causticity, cog, , tentatively, sport, inclusion, ա˹, glass eye, geometrician, unshod, traveling clock, bacon and eggs, hop the stick (twig), bailer, moviedom, ɨչ, speciality, squalidness, , Lizzy, , eyestrain, , ҹѹ, Baber, baffled, substantiation, leader, Թ, launder, non sequitur, sackcloth and ahes, ҹ, party line, lira, instrument, , veal bird, ͧѺ, , ç, м, radium, argus-eyed, project engineer, , pax vobis,