ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - supersession

supersession (-૬-ѹ) n.
1. ᷹, 觷
ع, fervent, , Թ, fictitious, dam, imagination, obtrusiveness, Geiger counter, rye, ١ҧ, whimsical, forestall, cheering, Ǥ, undermentioned, dissolubility, ٵ, out of wedlock, out of tune, зѹѹ, , pupillage, ҡѺ, attractiveness, reconnaissance in force, open-air, degree, glittering, bureaucrat, inevery way, sedulity, , end-all, ¡, Ǵ, , quoth, go-cart, inevitableness, Ե, -'dst, Ժ, deliberately, five-year plan, , Եѡ, proximate, different,