ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - spite

spite (侷) n. vt.
1. ਵ, ,
2. ͧøͧ
ѳҵ, ͤس, five, bounteousness, thereabouts, outcast, rough going, astigmatism, cloak and dagger, infanticide, ascendent, I'd, naturally, rib, idiomatically, inimical, cloudland, lone, Ը, tank engine, unroot, Ѻ, evidenty, , ѹشҪ, , silver plate, saving your reverence, petite bourgeoisie, turtle-dove, , look, eddy, jambolan, analytical geo metry, United States Operation Mission, , Դ, parvenu, , leisure, ֡, , Ramayana, պ, C.I.D., ǵ, man of fifty winters, squaw man,