ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - potato

potato (-) n.
1. 蹽
vim, Ҥ, carful, felon, prop, , , intermezzo, , Թ٪Թ, ź, passer-by, sundial, š, willow pattern, historical, ô, contractual, inappreciable, went, ͧ, յ, practicably, §ҡ§ͧ, have (take) the law of, ͧ, , creaminess, her own master, empty-handed, , the Engineers, -ar, , case history, equinoctial storm, informal, expressive, Ұ, wrought iron, ص, booze, ѵ, ѹ, hobnob, incessant, dirt track, dote, ҹҹ,