ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - potato

potato (-) n.
1. 蹽
jingle, , peace offerring, , frozen, jocose, last post, affirmation, time chart, ú, , individualization, look after, , northeastern, sell out, ocean greyhound, locus, ѧ, Ѻ, pannier, injudicious, set and match, unserviceable, Roman nose, ͧѺᢡ, , ѧ, ѡ, cosecant, straight face, gallicize, safe deposit, , alarmist, rebate, proficiently, ͧ͹, cupboard love, squareness, additionally, alehouse, ȡ, carriage and pair, demand draft, volley fire, Ш, give lessons, black-varnish tree,