ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - par excellence

par excellence (ä-ҧ)
1. ʹ
Klan, , deliriously, symmetrically, semifinal, beginner, on the line, hearing, Jack the Giant-Killer, , unearthly, Ѵӵ, intestines, кѧ, ѺѴѺ, ǧ, ¹ҧ, David and Jonathan, in either case, the Bard of Avon, ҧ, glassware, Byzantine architecture, Ѩº, soft sell, warrantor, , sheep-run, snow-blind, twin lens reflex, application, ظط⸻ó, periphrastic, ѡҴ, §, stratus, , inwardness, to arms, queerly, carat, þó, , ӴѺ, interstate, ѹ, , homeward, needlework,