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šä - lose his head

lose his head
1. ѭ
slings and arrows of fortune, compressed air, Ґ, Դ, the Mad Hatter, consultation, ѭԹоѴ, wristwatch, п, encumber, Ѿѭ, catapult, cockatoo, resurrection pie, vegetarian food, ԾѡԾǹ, allusion, phosphorus, bequeath, senora, peony, ѡ͡, ͧ , ˹, wine gallon, pleasant, ҡ, girlish, place-kick, flying saucer, purify, phonetically, fatalistic, pride of the morning, , experimentation, оִо, butt welding, , peasant, saxophone, ¡ҹ, dangle, preventive, invent, benefactor, usurer, west-northwest, mad doctor,