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šä - hill

hill () n.
1. , Թ, , ͹
bronze, , self-starter, Ъ, vibrate, alcove, gain the ears, dyer, ø繿׹, ҷԨԡ, primrose willow, cap and bells, Χ, , ͡, ͢, exorbitance, pearshaped, caption, jarful, cube, brinkmanship, conclusive, rudeness, սѡ, personal effects, suffuse, ٧, hoodwink, servility, sensible, ҤԺѵ, fillip, peaceful penetration, benedictory, ͹, rectification, William I, beauteous, ǧѹ, cutlery, three-color process, IJ, , f.o.r., slowly, despotic, Council of State, definite article,