ԡѾ ѧ - , - ѧ
šä - capsicum

capsicum (᤾-Ԥ) n.
1. ԡ˹Ъ
obdurately, WAFS, dynamic electricity, gather breath, phrase-monger, , satin finish, junkyard, Grecian bend, meaning, -ial, , submultiple, rush, no matter, relative, year of grace, , informal, snooker, cosmic, ѹ֡, Ǫ, daunt, all hours, Ѥê, cousin, adversely, Ҥ, Leninism, ԡ, pipeline, set about, Mendelian, appeasement, ͷ, capitalize, ɰʵ, pavement, ٨ԧ, minute, ͹, writing on the wall, ѾԹ, clownishly, catechise, altercate, , Godiva,