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have at heart, leach, gas motor, ҵ 觻šҭ, free pass, estate car, Ժ, д͹, ١, take aback, ʹ, dopester, luny, ͧ, Ҫ, obediently, ԧ, spitefully, suspiciousness, quizzical, Titian, introvert, Ե, aqua regia, Hazlitt, elegant, ٧, sophomore, hammer and tongs, ¡ࡹ, cloud world, Թ, out of countenance, tassle, bedpost, С, buzzard, baby, fatigueless, , mosaic, , gild, anchor escapement, ٹٵ, reassess-ment of taxes, 鹼ѧ, abreast of the times, guncrew,