ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
alluringly, acknowledgement, attitude, adventuress, age of discretion, axle, as dead as the dodo, American Indian, absorptive, adaptability, authorize, analyst, applecart, Archimedes, agile, acceleration, all and sundry, amiability, appall, Auditor-General
benzene, black frost, bunghole, bowtie, badger-legged, billy-boy, blow your own trumpet, beautification, breathtaking, bon ami, bridal, banditti, blithesome, beginner, billion, brine pan, budding, brigade major, baseborn, beguile
conceit, cling-stone, car park, crawler, cobwebby, Center Party, central bank, courtesy call, crusty, Cambridge blue, cringe, cult, costumer, concubinage, calculate, claimant, city hall, capsule, crop, cattish
deep-rooted, daybreak, drumstick tree, discernment, despondency, dress rehearsal, downtrain, dread, deviser, dilatory, distinctive, deduction, demonstrable, demarcation, deary, disingenuity, directive, desert, dachshund, disarming
exacerbation, exude, elephant grass, earth, electrician, expectation, edgy, emulator, exchequer, enunciator, exhaust, elicit, escapement, embed, end on, eradicate, electromotive force, Emerald Buddha, entwine, emmigrate
flippancy, fall asleep, fishery, forfeit, fitfulness, flag-officers flagman, froze, fulldress debate, full-mouthed, friendliness, fervour, flying officer, florin, fourteen, fifthly, frostbite, free alongside ship, forg etfulness, fricative, flying shot
grower, grey, Germanic, gratifying, graft, gassy, G.P., Germanophile, gaunt, Godiva, glalsshouse, get his back up, Galileo Galilei, good Gracious, goods train, gadget, gin palace, gluten, go in, get on his feet (his legs)
horticulturist, Henrik, hog deer, half-life, hard facts, heavens, hopelessness, high and low, hooter, hone, horse tamarind, Hunnish, helium, handsomely, heartlessness, haphazard, hearse, humour, haunch, harmonize
insanity, invention, image, intake, intelligence bureau, inveterate, inflationary spiral, idiomatic, ineligibility, indigenously, in full swing, inauguration, imnpression, interfusion, indirect object, Indian laburnum, incisive, investigator, intention, irate
juristic, jinx, juristic act, Jack-of-all-trades, Jailer, junket, jocundly, Java weed, judgement, John, jewel, juvenile deliquent, Jack the Giant-Killer, Java plum, Japan's External Trade Agency, juristic person, jubilant, justifiably, jettison, juxtapose
kill-time, kid, Keltic, kinetics, kit, keystone, kindlessly, key money, kimono, kith and kin, koku, keep late hours, K.C.V.O., king post, Kapilavastu, kitchenette, kidney bean, Kiangsi, keeper, kingdom of heaven
loincloth, lie hard, lip service, laborer, librarian, lie in ruins (in the dust), luxury, long play record, London ivy, lengthen, lanky, loach, lungfish, locomotive organ, loose, lame duck, learnling, little pitchers, lose, Latin
misjudge, marathon debate, mulberry, marine engine, Michaelmas Term, morals, miraculously, misanthropical, mem, maritime, molification, momentousness, manoeuvrability, mugwump, monument, meagerness, Mandalay, mischievous, melliferous, ministerial benches
newsagency, necromancer, nerve center, not a patch on, net, narcissi, Negro, nothing doing, nebulium, nonplus, no longer, nape, normality, numerable, neutron bomb, nastily, N.B., nuptial, newel, normal
overrode, once-over, omelette, outing, officer of the day, obsolete, off-color, Office of Strategic Services, on the line, overlay, on approval, on a level with, on accout, outwent, Olympiad, oil ring, open verdict, offhand, on fire, oyez
proletariat, pacemaker, plate rack, parallax, patrol wagon, pussy-foot Johnson, Presbyterian, prog, petrol jelly, parachutist, play up to, piety, pioneering, put a period to, power politics, Park Lane, put an end (a stop) to, presentable, panel, psychosis
Q.E.D., quadrilateral, questionnaire, quinine, quilt, Quakeress, quickly, quarantine, quota system, querist, quintuple, quantitative, quadratics, queen, quick-eyed, quietly, quadrangular, quadroon, Queer Street, quartermaster General
ramson, redundant, rent-free, romancer, replete, reckless, return, rhinoceros, reversal, resistible, repetition, rigid, replenished, representative arts, remorse, right about turn, Red Cross, rinse, revolving door, ribald
slate, skewbald, style and title, segment, songstress, sordid, slave-grown, snag, sterling silver, sequester, sparking plug, silviculture, subornation, subtraction, subversive, spiral, strife, shadowland, section mark, sulphonate
tensile force, throw off, tun, taxidermist, timidly, Thor, tellingly, table turning, throw (fling) down the gauntlet, tick off, ten, tuberculous, totalizator, tube wrench, The Star-spangled Banner, truss, two-fold, tummy, tata, tin god
underrate, unitarianism, undisguised, usurer, unshaven, untrue, untenable, uncommonly, ultra vires, uncanny, underling, umpire, upset his applecart, undisclosed, Utopia, underlie, unctuousness, unfavorable, ukulele, unannounced
Victory over Japan Day, vicinity, vociferation, vitiate, Virgin Queen, vale, velocity of escape, vulgar, video tape, vivid, vilify, Vinci, Leonardo da, vertebrae, veranda, varlet, vomment, varied, Victoria Falls, vehicular, vociferate
witticism, wintertide, Washington Elm, windswept, war-den, war god, watch, whiz, word-painter, writing on the wall, working (hours), World Island, wagon, washerwoman, wallet, we've, wounded, watershed, whistle-stop, wooden horse
XC, Xn., x-i., X rays, Xt., XI, X-, Xmas, XL, Xmitter, xenophobe, X.I., X-ray tube, xenon, x-div., xenophobia, Xerxes the Great, Xm., X.D., X-ray Photograph
You shall not see me again, Yorks, year in year out, yellow press, Yalta, Yankee, yah, yourselves, yean, yule log, yo-ho, yield point, yap, Young Men's Christian Association, Yorksire pudding, yellowjack, yes, Your Majesty, Yours, yawl
zincked, zip, Zolaesque, zambo, zero hour, Ziegfield's Follies, zinnia, Zoroastrian, Zoroaster, zeal, Zollverein, zinc green, Z-bend, Zolaistic, zest, zombi. zombie, zestful, zingiber, zoologically, zone time
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