ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
albino, activation, ambiguity, above, authoress, affixture, Aberdonian, alleged, auto industry, abandonment, amateur, anaemia, alive, about, aha, All's Well That Ends Well, abnegation, apiece, audit, ark
banter, beaver dam, bite-size, broadsword, blissful, bear withness, bay rum, beau sabreur, behind my back, bidden, black market, bourbonist, bishop archbishopric, beachhead, breeder reactor, bubonic plague, breezy, biological warfare, bit of muslin, barrier
class war, circumvent, crystallization, crisply, chum, combatively, courtesy title, clear, come after, cicatrice, Croesus, curtail, cauldron, conservatism, Chiangsan, cankered, cooperative, chartreuse, calabur, chevron
dreamy, dago, discernment, demnition, doubleton, dance, dimensionless, duct, dog of war, delineate, disingenuity, dacoity, domain, desensitize, Denmark, Department of Public Relations, disc harrow, digestive, disyllable, drowsiness
extravaganza, euphoric, ere, enwrap, enamel ware, even date, every, each way, epigram, episcopacy, E.P.L., eyeful, erection, examination-paper, eagerness, earbob, eye, eruption of mirth, extensive, Eiffel Tower
far from, forage, foster daughter, first of all, fumigation, filet, frontispiece, Fontainebleau, fatiguelessly, foliage plant, formally, frowningly, functional, flasher, foreseeable, febrifuge, field of battle, fought, fellaheen, feign
Gregorian calendar, gonorrheal, guinea-pig director, generously, go over, gilt-edged stocks, galloping consumption, greedy, gnaw, gracefully, gold bank, gamut, gainsay, grumbling, gang, gauntlet, granddaddy, grindstone, give rein, G-man
horse-latitudes, Hertzian, habitue, hyacinth bean, honey, Highlander, have done, had rather, hydrated, house-maid's knee, hand brake, he-goat, honor, have a good (great, have half a) mind, honeymoon, herpes, hanker, hydroplane, here goes, High Church
ill, incarnation, indebtedness, inhibit, interlocutory, in the gross, identifiable, illusiveness, intrinsically, iron ration, in the nick of time, indicatively, irregularly, interior, inordinate, interim, instigator, isolated, interior decoration, interpellate
John Debrett, jeans, jeweller, jarful, jordan, jadeite, jerky, jolly, jumble, jumpy, jollily, journal box, jocularity, Jehovah's witnesses, Jamaica, joule, Jones maximus, jukebox, Jamaican, junket
king cobra, kieselguhr, kayak, kindless, kept woman, keddah, Kensington, kick up, koel, Kim, kindness, kill-time, know beans, kin, knell, keep an open house, klieg light, kick upstairs, knit his brows, keep yourself to yourself
librarian, lino, lacquer, laughingly, limb of the law, look for, loan shark, landaulet, lowbred, lengthy, loggia, lopsided, leotard, Leibnitz, lady chair, logarithm, ley, line of life, logician, love all
most, medicine ball, malign, modest, martin, middle, Mona Lisa, Methuselah, miss, Manchurian, Mukden, minelayer, make the grade, Mother Goose, mandoline, mostly, Mayfly, materialize, mutton-chop, midwife
necklet, nay, nebula, notably, nubile, near the knuckle, natal, Newtonian philosophy, Nogi, neutron, nakedly, Nipponese, naive, neem, navigator, Negus, new look, nuptial, Nansen, Never mind
old, officiate, open syllable, outlay, orchestration, obscenely, old bachelor, one-piece, on the face of it, off-hour, Oxford Tracts, okay, occupancy, objectification, obscenity, oozy, ought, omnibus, open shop, Oberon
Pantagruel, proboscis, pike, pastil, partizan, pennyworth, panic monger, perhaps, pharmacology, picric acid, periphery, pronunciamento, periwinkle, public, panther, prayer, pugilistic, payable in advance, Potomac, posh
quire, quarantine station, quark, quarantine flag, quarantine, quantum sufficit, quarrel, quick lime, Q.B., quackery, quarrelsome, qualitative, quiescently, quench, quid, quintet, quality, quilt, qua, quick rice
reorganize, regent, Royal Exchange, rural economics, Rumanian, rapier, reducer, rioter, reticulate, rocky, razorback whale, runner-up, resurrection, rattle, roller bearing, Richard, ruined, restaurant, R.M.S., recreation
smooth-running, ski run, southernmost, skew bridge, sob merchant, shiver my timbers, self-respect, staple goods, separatism, sulfate of magnesium, say the word, sadly, shave, senator, spring washer, succinct, stearin, so far from, subpoena, specific duty
tare, telling, take the plunge, to carry into effect, Tuareg, tit, title role, toward, trusful, thine, Throne Hall, tirade, teasel, take down, tyrannical, tenant at will, the greatest story ever told, to, twenty-one, the fair
unaware, un-English, uncharitable, unnamed, Ursa Minor, unsatisfactory, Utopia, underfeed, underdone, unparliamentary, uncomplaining, unless, unrelenting, unworldly, under-king, uninterrupted, unit cost, unarmed, U.S.S.S., unity of place
visual education, volume table, velvet glove, vindicatory, violist, verbal inflexion, variegation, veterinary surgeon, voodoo, vial, visual, virtuousness, vital statistics, virile, volcano, Venus, vulture, vacuous, vanilla, verso
wintergreen oil, write, without any more ado, well-nigh, washable, woeful, whole number, waterbiscuit, war drum, wriggly, water mill, worthwhile, water-bearing, washing powder, Welsh, west wind, why not, waterfront, writhe, wax
Xmas, X-ray Photograph, xylophone, xenophobia, x-i., Xn., Xaverian Brother, XI, Xm., xenophobe, X-, x-in., X.I., X, X-ray tube, XC, xenon, XL, Xt., Xerxes the Great
young lady, Yankee-Doodle, yore, York-shire, years of discretion, younger son, yielding, yestermorn, yn., yawn, y., yellow, yank, yon, yoke, Yeats, William Butler, yuletide, yeoman, yearlong, yellow press
zincotype, zoo, zebu, zip gun, zither, zinc green, Zollverein, zeal, zip code, Zeno, zone, Zeus, zip, zealously, zambo, zest, zinnia, zero, zinc oxide, Zepp
(The 1)  ǡѹ    ش...ش  ͧʹ  ҡѺ (Feat. Dome Pakorn Lam)  ç (ŧСͺФ ʹ)  Walk you home (ŧСͺҾ¹ Ϳ..ꧡ..Կ)  зԧͧ feat. Թ ٹ  ѹҧ  ˧    µ  ҡ˭ԧ֧з (ŧСͺФ ͹)  㨤Ӥѭ (Ost. ѡ Love On The Rocks)  ӵ͹Ѻ  ѡѹ (Someday)  Ѻ  Ҩ (Ost. ѡ Love On The Rocks)  ԡ  ѡ  ǹõѴ  (Now or Never)  㹽ѹ (ŧСͺФ ѹͧ)  ͩѹѧͧҢͧ  (Mother)  ١ͧ  ӷҡٴ  The Wedding Singer (feat. Ԫ ҸѲ)  ô͡ (͡ѡ)  ѧʹء  Դ (feat. Groove Riders)  ҡѹ  ѵٷѡ (feat. êӹ)  ˹  ŧҧ Ϳ 26
к da 21
NO da 21 21 pon 16 Ake 31 tum 41 21 26 Dew 26 t 21 X 31 boy 31 * 31 Championz 16