ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
automation, agriculturist, alienage, avail, awe, appendicitis, abrogate, anapaest, affirmative, assuredly, americanize, as one man, at the first blush, alarm clock, as good as, appeasement, allot, agonizing, against, alloy
betel nut, big toad, beggary, burlesque, blunder, break fast, because of, bubble and squeak, Buddist, beauty-queen, bawd, brigantine, barbarous, bed of thorns, blood vessel, Billingsgate compliment, bisection, barometer, barter, Brazilwood
candle, card sharper, copulate, criminal law, covering, cheese-cloth, cryptogram, comfortable-looking, commendable, conformist, cask, clay, crossheading, cross-country, colonial architecture, chaulmugra, cruet, Cowper, cantaloupe, counterstand
dress guard, doltish, doggerel, dictator, denied, drop shot, dude ranch, drill regulatian, decibel, dispensable, democracy, detailed, duality, deserter, dashpot, dishonour, dissatisfy, dismissal, dinginess, dark'un
epithalamia, eccentric, Erse, excrescence, even so, espousal, evenly, eager, ellipsoid, embarrassed, extrinsically, emergency decree, epilogue, encumber, evaporated milk, enlightenment, elliptic, expectation, ergosterol, examplar
flapjack, forswore, full dress, Four Truths, frillery, fanlight, free on board, Fiddle's Green, fluid, forsaken, fivefold, flannels, firing party, flivver, fascinatingly, forte, fervour, fact, fellow traveler, flitting
granddaddy, goat god, given on, garbled, gradually, grotesqueness, gamely, gnarled, gooey, great unwashed, geographical, graft, Goodwood, genuineness, goatling, gravestone, Great Lakes, godhead, good fellow, good evening
host of heaven, hydraulic brake, Haydn, hound, How do ye, horizontal hold, hexagon, hydrogen dioxide, haggle, hawkish, hydraulicked, hard-featured, Hotel de Ville, Hainan, he, Holy Land, hen, hailstone, hypersonic, hiccough
injuriously, inept, in a hurry, incorporate, injudicious, image, ivied, interested, ingrained, itch mite, indigo, irruption, instinctively, in the chips, in days of yore, Isle of Wight, idyll, intaglion printing, incubatory, inventively
jugular vein, jagged, jewelweed, jaggery palm, John the Baptist, J, Jehovah's witnesses, juice, juvenile lead, jumpy, jewelled, jet liner, Jamaica, jacob's ladder, juristic act, Jericho, Jupiter Pluvius, jobbing, Jove, J.P.
Kruschev, keep off, knee, kneeled, king, kick upstairs, knead, knurled, knives, Koranic, knavishness, Kwannon, kith and kin, knavish, kulak, kinsfolk, keep his ground, kopec, kine-camera, knob
laboratorial, lugubriously, lollypops, Leicester, lynch law, let off, longton, line fishing, lustre, lantern, labourer, late in the morning, latinize, lamely, letters patent, loft, lansa, lip language, low latitudes, look a fool
mark of mouth, Maritime Alps, mixed train, Mus. D., mantissa, midship, make his fortune, MM, mislay, mumps, make his mouth water, mortmain, misanthropic, mortar, mudguard, monorail, modernism, mortuary, manfully, minced meat
novitiate, naphthaline, natty, Nepalese, net, nounal, niggardly, natural rights, N.Z., Navy League, nothingness, nebulae, N.N.W., nautically, neutral grey, nightcart, nuclear submarine, numskull, nearly, Nash
overhaul, overrun, oaf, obsequies, obstetrician, overrule, owl, ode, outwardly, on the line, optimistically, objectiveness, outwore, overtax, out of pocket, obscure, oysterbar, overt act, obituary, observantly
preferable, play ball, putting green, portion, prefatorial, put a premium on, paper credit, Pride and Prejudice, presence of mind, Pax Romana, pill, pioneer, profane, Phra, paradise, photographic society, petal, promiscuously, personally, profession of faith
quints, quadruple, quassia, quilt, quag, quickstep, Quakers' meeting, quisling, query, quarter, quick bread, quadratics, quick-, quarrel, Queen Regnant, Queer Street, quartermaster, queasy, quota, quantum
receiver, rifle range, reformative, rectangular, rapid, roof of the world, ruefully, ravel, reckon, rag baby; rag doll, reception room, ratline, residuum, replacement depot, restrain, riveter, reappoint, rightfully, ramaism, revery
subvention, snobbishly, septangular, skate, Samaritan, succeeding, scotch, subornation, sleepless, symbol, stermother, Sacred College, solicitously, suctio plate, saltpetre, surplus, sheet sham, sweepstake, sill, simplehearted
tumultuousness, tubercular, trauma, twill, threepenny, triumvirate, the four seas, tell, turnbuckle, there is, Tunisian, tidal bore, turn his back upon, technetium, temperately, the Honorable, typify, take by storm, thrift society, the thirties
underexposure, unlikely, underwrite, U.S., untouched, unmanful, uncalled for, unloose, uncouth, urge, Ursulines, unwarranted, unbeknown, upshot, unamenable, unmentioned, unarmed, unfurnished, unmanly, unequivocal
versification, vulgarization, vice versa, vindicable, visiting book, vie, venue, vocalist, variation, volcanic rocks, vale of years, vauntingly, veracity, vim, votive, vacuum flask, violently, veneer grafting, violoncellist, variety entertainment
with open arms, wedding cake, whistle-stop, wrapper, whippet, whoso, weatherproof, wondrously, wine, wattmeter, winning card, Whitstable, wanted, windward, web press, whirl, weak ending, whence, waist-deep, waterwheel
xylophone, xenophobia, Xt., XI, X-ray Photograph, X.I., XL, xenon, X rays, Xmitter, Xmas, x-i., Xn., Xerxes the Great, X-ray tube, x-in., x-div., XC, xenophobe, X-
younker, year in year out, your, younger, Your Grace, Yucatec, Yugoslav, yttrium, yellow plum, yearningly, yd., yield, yonder, Yukon, yellowness, Your Ass-ship, Yankeeism, Yorksire pudding, York, Yangtze-Kiang
Zolaistic, zip, zoning law, Zionism, zirconium, Zepp, zestful, zinc, Zeiss, zonal, zinc grey, zoologist, zip gun, zeal, Z-bend, zincotype, zambo, Zen, Zoroastrian, Ziegfield's Follies
˹  ѡ  ˹ҧѹѹ    Ѻѹ  ѭ  ͹⪤͹  ѡ  (SCARS)  Ҩ繤  ˧͹ѹ  ѧ  ˹ѧѡ  My Boy  ǹ  ҡ (You)  ͧ ѧԹ  dharmajāti (---)  ŧ (Party)  Դ (What da Heck)  šͧ˧  ش觡д (Feat. ٺ)  ͧ  ҹ  ͧç 2014  Ѻá˧  ˹  .. (add..ho)  dharmajāti (---)  ö俢ǹ觤ѹ  (ҷҹ֧֡...)  ˹    ͹  鹨˹  ŧҧ p 21 16 Mos 36 16 mind 16 36 Ѻ 21 11 aom 26 golf 26 չ 21 31 kim 16 vit 41 ѷ 21