ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
Act of Supremacy, Arabia, adverb, advance copy, angler, airborne, aphorize, ammunition boots, Afghan, askance, asphyxiated, affable, at heart, abjuration, aliquot part, archaeology, accused, authorized, ask for, aisle
beamily, brasier, big-bellied, brougham, black Maria, buy a pig in a poke, brothers of the buskins, brightly, bastard halibut, B.Th.U., blackout, buggery, binnacle, boyish, beauteousness, bull-faced, bonbon, bunion, bogy, bewitching
centralism, civilized, carry, comprehensiveness, cut loose, cormorant, court of appeal, caboose, cocci, consume, chef de cabinet, cicatrix, conserver, civil death, crassness, culprit, competently, commencement, commonality, complexity
deck cargo, delta wing, disillusionment, dioxide, dale, dative, drawee, driver, deductively, distingui shed, distill, default, duck-footed, dinette, delightful, direction, daffodil, deafening, drudge, denizen
evasiveness, Ecuadorian, eminently, enarmously, earned income, editor in chief, emeraldgreen, exponent, estrogen, eminence, enmesh, exceptional, encircle, embezzlement, electoral college, eat crow, engage, earldom, endeavour, extortion
flung, fraud, fastidiousness, flying officer, follow suit, fashiom, folk, full dress, farce, Fiji, French Canadian, feign, flaxen thread, filter cigarettes, fructify, from day to day, fellah, fulgent, filing, f-stop
Gainsborough, gall-stone, gradate, garr otter, garnet, gesticulate, gharri, gelding, go phut, glutton, gilded spurs, godmother, gratefulness, glass, graduate, glamor, goven, glassware, girlie, gunner
hoodoo, historian, house of ill fame, Home Affairs home rails, hypodermic syringe, hemp, Hankow, have done with it, Holy Spirit, hocus-pocus, house-master, humming, high and low, hospitably, heterogeneous, hideously, hasty, heave, hard row to hoe, head over heels
imperialistic, immediately, interchange, inefficiency, insuperable, ingenuously, ironwork, Injun, infidelity, instinctive, in the near future, injudicious, incitement, intended, insensitive, inflammability, independent, infidel, identic note, intense
jukebox, jurisconsult, join, John Debrett, Johnson, Samuel, Job's comforter, juvenility, Jersey cow, jungle, Judy, Jerusalem, Jehu, Jack, jury mast, jet motorboat, jersey, Julian, Japan's External Trade Agency, Joyce, James, joyful
keep step (pace), Kublai Khan, King's bounty, kingship, king crow, knee breeches, Krishna, Koranic, Kremlin, knight-errant, king of birds, kraal, kingpin, keep the house, kinetic theory of gasses, kingly pride, knock down, Klondike, knowledgeable, kimono
live, Lethean, lobe, lay him fast, liqueur brandy, Lord Mayor's Day, lax morals, leave alone, lower deck, lamp, look forward to, larynx, lieutenant colonel, look me up and down, lucky dog (beggar), Lockean, lofty, Lenin, loaded, lighted
midweek, make things hum, mown, magistracy, manipulative surgery, midget, mass communication, mixed metaphor, medieval architecture, misrule, Meklong, masker, make his way, milestone, mutilate, made-to order, music stool, microscopically, mythical, mygale
nightwear, nursing-home, noose, nicely, newsbill, New England, neutrally, northeast passage, noisy, nasal sound, Northern hemisphere, night jasmine, neoplastic, neighborliness, non est inventus, Nestor, needless, normally, neptunium, necromancer
outcry, Ode to a Nightingale, Olympic Games, olfactory, on the other hand, on all fours, oarsman, outflow, Oslo, on speaking terms, on condition that, ought, overabundant, overtaken, orchestration, offering, oysteer fritters, offensiveness, orange, omnibus
potbelly, propeller, ponderable, peeve, progenitor, prude, prepossessing, preparation, pother, put(set) him up his back, promiscuously, plethora, penguin, preponderantly, prepaid, philatelist, Pullman, George Mortimer, penny-wise and pound-foolish, perspiration, Phoenician
quadripartite, quixotically, quidnunc, quanta, quick lime, queasy, quits, quick-freeze, quite, qualitative analysis, qto., quaff, queen mother, question time, questions and answers, Q.M.G., quixotic, quarrel, quadrangle, quasar
remediable, reclined, refute, rotunda, retrovert, right off, reveal, reserved, rightfully, recourse, rapid, roister, raisin, regular figure, responsiveness, Reporters' Gallery, ratify, relive, ration, Reform Acts
sweep the board, sanctimony, shingles, Styx, Saracen, shot, sketch, Saint Lawrence Seaway, squab, staffs, sensational, statutory, supersede, smother, surprised, sourly, soft goods, straphanger, settle down, spiritlessness
tapestry, tale, turn turtle, terrestrial, tight, tidiness, theosophically, technician, tautological, tobacconist, toilsome, Tibetan, Tipperary, technic, the Monument, trade hall, threat, tour de force, titleholder, theologically
upturned, uncouth, unreason, unheeding, uphill, unprofitable, up to par, unmanful, upper class, up-and-coming, unpopularity, ultra-, undertake, unconscious, used car, unmask, utilitarianism, unforeseeable, unsung, under seal of confidence (silence)
voiceless consonants, Verne, Jules, viva voce, vestibule train, vol., video tape, vitreous, ventilator, vestry, Vosges, very well, vernal, villain, visionary, voluminosity, vim, vineyard, Venetian, voodooism, vicomte
with an eye to, wives, walk the plank, westbound, weak, win, wert, warmfiery, Whittington, waive, Whistler, James A. M., weaker sex, waywardly, workbasket, walking crane, wastefulness, war veteran, washing soda, waffle iron, was
X, x-i., XC, xenophobe, X.D., Xaverian Brother, xenophobia, Xn., Xt., x-in., X.I., xenon, XL, Xmas, Xm., XI, X rays, X-ray Photograph, X-, Xerxes the Great
yeoman, Ye Old Inn, yokefellow, yulan, yellow race, yodelled, Yorks, younger brother, y., Your Majesty, yeanling, yonker, younker, yeomanry, Yalu, younger sitster, yeiding, Your Excellency, yellow flag, yuletide
zinc grey, zinc blende, Zepp, zincked, zoo, Zola, zodiac, Ziegfield's Follies, zeal, Zeno, zoning law, Zen, zoologist, zip gun, Zolaesque, Zionist, zincotype, Zulu, Zeppelin, zone time
Secretive  թѹ (ŧСͺФ Ѻ)  մ        ѡѹ  зء  ԴԪ    ͺ§ (ŧСͺФ Ѻ)  Goodbye  Ҩⴹ  ١д  繨е (Please)  ѡ  ѹ˹  The Moon  ѹ  µ (Ost. 2538Ҩպ)  Stay (Ost. STAY ҡ..ѹФԴ֧)  觡ҽѹ  çǧ  鹿   ʹѧ (ŧСͺФ ʹѧ)  ŧ Feat. Jetset'er  ͧѡ (Ost.ӵҡ෾)  Ţҧ§  Ĵ͹ѹ˹ [Acoutic Version]  駪Ե (ŧСͺФ 㨻)  Sky&Sea  (SWAY)  ҨԹ仴¡ѹ (Walk with me)  (ŧСͺФ 㨻)  ҷͩѹѡ  ŧҧ A 21 zerah_** 26 46 Bia 26 26 26 س 26 21 h*y 31 noom 46 Snowman 16 16
˹ 31 Mc 21 beginagain 36