ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
abreast of the times, archdeaconship, anchor blades, approved, arrangement, activation, agglutinate, aerated water, abattoir, ain't, August, archaism, amortize, anybody, a stitch in time, apple wine, ancientness, anchorage, ant, Araby
borough, benefactress, baptism, basket chair, boor, bladder, birth, bemuse, big gun, bell jar, banker, bedeck, bon mot, blood money, bromide paper, busy, bicentennial, business replycard, blackie, blatant
crusade, compass card, close-up, caravan, cross upper foundation, committee of the whole house, cobaltiferous, caught, Church Establishment, craftsmanship, conveyancer, circuitous, conic, coexistence, Colossus of Rhodes, cinder, coyly, councilor, constitution, coalmine
dugout, desirability, depute, derogatory, dormouse, decimal system of weights and measures, deadpan, dangerous, driving wheels, Dardanelles, drunkard, dental letter, dumbness, die in harness, down at heel, Distinguished Service Cross, distasteful, demarche, dependency, demob
easter, ensconce, erne, endearment, eyeglasses, eagle, ex parte, evil, expensively, expressionism, engineman, elision, ever and anon, Euclidian, evidenty, employment, enchantingly, extricable, excisable, electro-
fanaticism, fire beetle, fiance, F.R.S., fraulein, fifty brace of ducks, fob, fanleaf palm, fort, flatbed rotary press, family man, farthest, flywheel magneto, fusible, French leave, factfinding commission, fling (throw) mud at each other, fondness, flunk, foremeat
guiltlessly, geology, give away, gusher, good Samaritan, green, Great Day, glamor, graving dock, guild socialism, Great Fire of London, Gagarin, Yuri, groundling, gunman, golden number, G.O.P., grandparent, get round, guitar, goatling
hocus, hoopla, how the land lies, home counties, hopelessly, here and there, horsy, hooch, hypnotize, Hastings, Warren, hag, hospitality, head-line, hokey-pokey, homicide, heap, hydrogen, holy of holies, havoc, hump
incredible, Independence Day, iterate, indefinite, inject, in all likelihood, Iran, infamous, infection, International Court of Justice, inland sea, in the know, incantation, incompletely, insufferable, immunity, in good faith, impute, illusive, imprudence
Jewry, juxtaposition, J, jolly, Juno, jump his bail, juristic, Jason, jealously, jaunty, Juggernaut, judicial, jester, jury, Julius Caesar, joy ride, jab, Jersey cow, Jesus, jolt
Keeper of the Privy Purse, keep up with, key money, kind regards, klieg light, kilted, kitchen maid, Koh-i-noor, knavery, king post, Kent, kindliness, King's bounty, Kremlin, kindless, know better, kitchenette, K.G., kraft, Ku Klux Klan
lieutenant, Lawn Tennis Association, L, laughing gas, lightning war, last night, look-in, lit, labor toil, length, leap day, laterally, LV, less, Lateran, livery, Liberalism, lukewarm, liver, local color
milkmaid, Montecristo, man of fortune, marshiness, milliner, misappropriation, MS., Michelangelo, muck, motivate, marchioness, mushroom growth, Menam Chao Phya, mensurable, medallion, malfeasance, modest, meadow, Malay, morphine
numeral, Nimrod, northerner, nine, nonconformity, nightshade, natural child, next of kin, nautilus, northwards, no fear, notched, nativity, neuralgia, nerve center, Ness, nicotinism, Nantes, nearly, night life
oaf, obtuseness, overwhelm, obituary, on no account, Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, outpatient, overarch, organ, outsize, officer, odometer, outworn, outran, oxyhydrogen, orphanage, object lesson, overcrossing, overcrowded, our sovereign lord
pretor, pass, pryingly, practiced, pedantic, pale hand, pack, payroll, propitiation, plaster, portulaca, president, place-name, prefix, paper chase, post hoc, pumpkin, persimmon, power brakes, Privy Council
qualitative, quicksilver, quiver, quell, qualifying, quadrilateral, quarter sessions, queen dowager, quad, quinine, quixotically, quagmire, questionable, quicksand, quotation marks, quiescence, quittance, quoit, Queensberry rules, quartzite
race meeting, Regent Diamond, restrictive, rule of thumb, remainder, rite, rottenness, royal scribe, ragged school, rose diamond, restorative, railcar, regnal years, rocking stone, roof, reassuring, regretable, revolution, running board, remittant
spinning wheel, sign of the crossroad, shirt, Satyagraha, specification, stipulation, subsidence, sombrely, spot rubber, sepoy, spirant, Salesian Sisters, selfishly, sing a different tune, shaveling, sukiyaki, silk oak, steed, strobe, straightforwardness
the Little Corporal, three-quarters, tributary, table moving, terra-cotta, the Eternities, truce, triumphal, tap dance, turbulently, tacitness, tiro, three-phase, Tractarianism, treasury, translation, tipper, tediousness, tambol, Transport House
unification, undergarment, un-American, untouchable, unison, upas, under, untrammelled, upstage, ultra vires, unbeknown, unsettle, unmade, unusual, unwound, unskilled, unseat, unalloyed, uniformly, uneconomically
variegated variegation, vanishing point, viva voce, vow, V sign, vary, vocal score, vestibule, verdancy, vegetarian, vacuum meter, volcanicity, vivisectionist, vassal state, verisimilitude, vein, vintage wine, vengefulness, Vicar of Wakefield, vaporizer
Watteau, Women's Auxiliary Fire Service, what's, War of Spanish Succession, within living memory, wrapped, wisely, ware, whiff, wrought-up, weekday, widowhood, whereas, woodman, walk the boards, witchery, weigh down, woodbine, winding-up, wakefully
x-div., XL, X.D., XC, X-ray Photograph, xylophone, XI, X.I., Xerxes the Great, X-, Xmitter, Xt., xenophobe, xenon, x-i., X rays, Xmas, x-in., xenophobia, X-ray tube
yokemate, Y.B., You shall not go, Yangtze-Kiang, yearningly, yield, yellow press, yes?, yeomen, Yosemite National Park, Yukon, yearbook, yellow fever, yawningly, young'un, yak, yule, yellow plum, Y.M.C.A., Your Eminence
zoologically, zip gun, zonal, zestful, zoo, Zeppelin, zincotype, Zepp, zero, zinnia, zinc grey, zombi. zombie, zest, zealous, Zen, zygotic, zoological gardens, zigzag, Zionism, zoning law
ѹ (spirit incheon)  GOOD OLD DAYS  ͪ  ٴ    Heartless  ٧˹      Ե  ѹҡ  ôԴѡ  ӵش  ء  Ťѡ繤 (ŧСͺФ ѹѹ)  Դ֧  feat. ¾  ꡫ (New version)  Ĵ͹ѹ˹  ժԵѺ Live With Music  硤͡ҡ  ҧѹ˧  ѹѺѡ  ѡҧ (feat. ѭ աԨ)  Դ֧  Ѻ觵  Դ (feat. Labanoon)  ǵ    ҡ  ˹͡  ҡ 觡 ҡѺ  ѡҡҹ  ҡպʴ  ͧ͡  ŧҧ 21 ֡ 46 21 46 Ϳ 21 x 31 ' nnnn 16 Nnurse 16 man 46 ͧ 21 X 31 may 21 aun 31 rat 46 46