ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
attendant, arms akimbo, affirmation, amble, aural, apparel, austerely, almighty dollar, anchovy, abashed, A one, adlesive, acquirement, as the crowflies, as regards, abrogate, absenteeism, ad referendum, Attention!, artistic
bad egg, beast of prey, Bangkokian, bitterly, bashfully, black lead, brougham, brickbat, Byronic, bedim, blade, biologically, bonny, bacco, buldozer, barbarity, breastwork, bracing, blotter, brigadier
cavernous, cordial, convincingly, celestial, cowboy, correlative, Chair!, contemporaneously, cub reporter, compile, cosily, credulous, cognate, concentric fire, court, charade, chain reaction, corresponding, collard, come-at-able
diminuendo, departmental heads, Department of Public Relations, duty-paid, disappointing, desk, Draco, devote, druggist, disgrace, disintegration, disconcert, definable, Dryden, diffident, dower, Disraeli, designing, decently, dental powder
end-all, easterner, efface, experimentally, encouragingly, en ventre sa mere, expound, Elysian fields, evade, educational institution, expression, evisceration, erratum, enchant, Eton jacket, earshot, existent, effervesce, etch, Ed.
forethought, floral, fleshings, flotsam, fruit, fag end, filmstruck, Furies, flench, feeble, for good or ill, foreman, fertility, favourableness, focal length, fallen angels, fantan, false imprisonment, Ford, Henry, forty
G.C.M.G., Galicia, gimlet, gently, grammatical, gums, garden party, give ground, gelatin, goody-goody, go into mothballs, get into a row, Goya, gadfly, good'un, good life, guncotton, geometric progression, glass, gingerly
halter, hyposulphite of soda, helmet, have a cloud on the brow, hug, henceforth, homicide, ha'penny, hit or miss, hautboy, hanging-committee, Hunnic, hound, handsome, helio-, H.Q., horticultural, hurriedly, hilarious, harmonize
imperator, in the soup, invertebrate, in a way, invigorate, invitingly, in the family way, in love, immoderate, isolate, importunate, instead, indentured, inadvisable, imperialistic, in petticoats, intimate, inhale, implied, invariably
jarful, junction box, jurisconsult, Johnson grass, jigger, jasper, Johnnie, junket tour, Jacobean, Jewess, jobber, jaunt, jocosely, journalist, jingo, joyously, justify, jeweled, jack staff, jury mast
kidney shaped, kept, kwien, kampong, Krupp, Kshatriya, kino, king's knight, Kalidasa, know by name, kiddy, Kang Hsi, key, kindergarten, knavish, Kyoto, know, keenness, kerchief, kayak
long ago, lukewarm, luckily, locket, luminous sheet, la, Lee, lank, lay him fast, laundress, land of promise, level up, laughter, Livy, long-eared, labium, lemonade, Latin, L.T.A., limber
morn, memorial service, masque, mentality, moviedom, molecular, motherly, Marshal of the Court, Menshevik, Mr. Speaker, meanly, mountaineering, macron, middleclasses, Machiavellism, mow, medicobotanical, mistrust, mosquito, Magi
New Year, noisome, no comfidence, natural sciences, nd., new-comer, Neptune's Bride, novelty, nonessential, norther, nitro-glycerine, neighbour liness, notability, notation, novelese, nationally, never, notepaper, Nash, neutron bomb
obiter dictum, Old England, owl, ogre, on fire, occupation, obtusely, overcloud, on the stock, outlandish, optical flat, onset, onward, one and only, ovoid, optical instruments, opener, oath of allegiance, on a wind, on thewarpath
Polynesia, previousness, perusal, purline, polo, pimply, priceless, portico, pitcher, POW, proper name, prelate, prohibitionnism, path, polio, portentous, pretty kettle of fish, possessive, putsch, partiality
quag, quip, qto., quittance, quackery, quarantine flag, quality, quarter wind, Quartermaster's department, quoth, Quakerism, queen's bishop, quartz, quadruped, quilt, queen bee, quotient, quotation marks, quick-freeze, quota
remorselessness, revlutionize, rocking chair, representative arts, run to earth, retrodden, risky, rationalization, ragtag and bobtail, Rule Britannia, rubber stamp, roundabout way, rhymester, royalist, repulsive, repartee, reunion, Regent Street, resurgent, restraint
self-discipline, sidereal day, subdued, seismograph, sign of the time, Stratford-on-Avon, silver, scraggy, shelve, soluble, subservience, shakiness, stanchion, spring a leak, sacredly, sensorial, snug fit, supervene, sell out, sttuffiness
tally sheet, turn turtle, three-handed, toothless, the Emancipation, trepidation, thriftlessness, tooth powder, trade unionism, ticket punch, tung, terrify, then and there, tentative, the few, tobaccos, Tipperary, thermo-, truthful, twill
unpredictable, unimportant, unromantic, upbringing, unhook, upright, Uncle Tom, upside down, uncut, unseat, Union Jack, USIS, unbosom, unnamed, unbrace, upstanding, up and at it, unlatch, unevenness, urea
Victoria Cross, voiceless, vaguely, vindictiveness, venal, vaudeville, variably, Visakha, vb., vocational training, violet, Victorian Order, Velasquez, verbose, viscera, victuals, vexatious, vivacious, veldt, ventilation
wayside, wisp, wizen, what-d'ye-call-it, wheaten, wigged, warehouse, waterworks, Welshwoman, wrongly, wingspread, wave, wieldy, warrant of arrest, wire, wrick, well-being, whining, writhe, whitening
Xm., X.D., X.I., XC, x-div., X, Xmas, X-, xylophone, Xt., XI, x-i., Xaverian Brother, xenophobia, X-ray tube, X-ray Photograph, Xn., xenon, xenophobe, Xerxes the Great
Yosemite National Park, yawningly, you, yule log, Yankeeism, York-shire, yarborough, younger son, ylang-ylang, yank, you'll, Y, Ye Old Inn, ytterbium, yet, your, You shall go, Yours, Yorksire pudding, Yalta
zone, zincotype, zero hour, zinc oxide, zonal, Z-bend, Zepp, Zolaistic, zest, Zeiss, Zionist, zinc grey, Zulu, zip gun, zoology, Zionism, zoologist, zeal, zounds, zenith
ŧͧ͹  ͺͺ (Ost. STAY ҡ..ѹФԴ֧)  ᵡҧ͹ѹ (Zeed Version)  ˹ҵҴժͺΌ  ҧ (ŧСͺФ еء˹Ǵ)    ѹԴͶ١  Ҫ¡  WRONG     èк͡  ҹ¢ͧ (ŧСͺФ Ѻ My Boss)  Follow me  ѹ¹  ʹǴǧ (THE STAR 11)  Ժˡ͹  Ҽ͡ feat. ŸԪ    Coming of Age  Ѻͧ  ´͡ѡ feat. ľ    ѡԧ (ŧСͺФ Ҵ͡)  ҡҹ  ӹ֡  ͫͧ  ԢԵ (ŧСͺФ ʹѧ)  繵ҡѹ  ѺǴ¡ѹ  Դҡ (ŧСͺФ ŧ)  (ŧСͺФ ŧ)    ѡѹԧ (ŧСͺФ ͹ѡ)  ź    ŧҧ katai 26 ying on 21 Tee 26 26 NOOM 46 26 DIN 46 piaja 21 26 ʹ 41 nay 16 11 . 21 26 21